About Us

To understand why Verico SGH president Steve King founded the company, let’s flash back to 1997.

Steve had spent 20 years in the consumer finance industry. During that time, he saw a lot of suffering and frustration. Individual people and small businesses ran into the same problems year after year when trying to mortgage their properties. The fact of the matter was and still is that a mortgage is a huge financial commitment for anyone not in an elite income bracket. And more people and small businesses than not struggle to mortgage properties while juggling other debts.

Steve had enough. He decided to create a company that could be the ultimate helping hand to prospective property owners, able to facilitate the financing of any type of buyer for any type of property. Thus, Verico SGH was born. The independent mortgage brokerage firm would strive to offer as many options as possible to clients and to customize loan opportunities to fit their unique situations.

Verico SGH has stayed true to these principles for the last 14 years and is now among the most respected brokerages in the mortgage industry. The world of lending has changed significantly since the company’s inception but we’ve continuously strived to adapt and stay as up-to-date as possible on all the best and most realistic solutions for clients.

Steve King founded this company because saw first-hand what challenges every prospective property owner faces with a mortgage. We’re eager to help! To get started with a no-obligation quote, call 905-428-8565 today or apply online now

Terms Ours Posted
Variable Prime -0.80% Prime
1 Year 7.27% 7.84%
3 Year 6.04% 7.04%
4 Year 5.64% 6.84%
5 Year 5.59% 6.84%
10 Year 6.59% 7.49%