Buying a Home

The problem with so many mortgage professionals and faceless banks today: they forget how important buying a house is.

The purchase is among the most important decisions we make in our lives, right up there with getting married and starting a family. At Verico SGH, we understand that buying a home is a landmark purchase in your life. For that reason, we go the extra mile, working closely with you, answering all your questions and taking much time as possible to set up a mortgage lending plan for you.

We know that the process – especially borrowing money – can be intimidating and confusing. At Verico SGH, we keep two primary principles in mind when financing your home purchase:

  • A carefully organized and realistic plan. We’ll take the time to fully understand exactly what your financial situation is, right down to your employment and current savings. We’ll build a lending plan that helps you solve your mortgage woes but is also realistic.

  • A stress-free and educational experience. The process of buying a home should be one of the most exciting and beautiful moments of your life. We’ll put the fun back into it for you by making the process stress-free and educational.

  • Stop fearing the house purchasing process. Instead, embrace and enjoy it with our help. For a no-obligation quote on mortgage lending and more, call Verico SGH 905-428-8565 today or apply online now .

Terms Ours Posted
Variable Prime -0.90% Prime
1 Year 4.54% 4.79%
3 Year 4.94% 5.44%
4 Year 4.99% 5.64%
5 Year 4.99% 5.84%
10 Year 5.75% 6.54%