Mortgage Re-Financing

One crucial principle we follow at Verico SGH mortgage is to understand the unpredictability of “real life.” Buying a home is a massive decision but it isn’t always a final decision. Things change. Maybe you move, get a new job, divorce your spouse, want to renovate or want to buy a second home.

That’s where mortgage refinancing becomes very handy. It frees up that extra money you might need to flourish in your changing life situation.

The Verico SGH agents think realistically. They understand that refinancing is a common decision and will work with you to craft a borrowing plan that fits your needs. We’ll provide you with outstanding savings and monthly cost reductions over a typical bank’s refinancing deal.

We also provide you with countless state-of-the art calculation tools to help you plan your mortgage refinancing.

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Terms Ours Posted
Variable Prime -0.80% Prime
1 Year 7.27% 7.84%
3 Year 6.04% 7.04%
4 Year 5.64% 6.84%
5 Year 5.59% 6.84%
10 Year 6.59% 7.49%