Alternative Lending

At Verico SGH Mortgage, our doors are open to every kind of borrower. If you’ve found the perfect home but don’t believe you have the financial stability to take out a mortgage or even a loan, we won’t turn you away. Many banks will.

Some prospective homeowners are “higher risk” because they have a history of debt or have flirted with bankruptcy in the past. For them, non-traditional mortgages are often more common. Non-traditional plans may include interest-only mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages or subprime mortgages.

A non-traditional mortgage doesn’t always imply that you’re financially shaky. It may just apply to someone whose income fluctuates over the years. Adjustable-rate mortgages in particular work in those cases.

Either way, the Verico SGH team’s arms remain open to you for non-traditional mortgages and, more specifically, non-traditional mortgage lending. We’ll develop a plan that fits your unique needs and doesn’t put a major financial squeeze on you.

To learn more about non-traditional lending, call 905-428-8565 for a no-obligation quote from one of our experienced agents today or apply online now

Terms Ours Posted
Variable Prime -0.80% Prime
1 Year 7.27% 7.84%
3 Year 6.04% 7.04%
4 Year 5.64% 6.84%
5 Year 5.59% 6.84%
10 Year 6.59% 7.49%